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Employee Vigilance - Case Study

Why Many Companies Use Employee Vigilance Software

Many people think that employee monitoring is for employers who don't trust their employees. However, this is not the case as supervising your team using software, or any other means has a dozen benefits. It benefits your business and the whole team.

Here we want to present some ideas on how tracking and surveillance can help you to grow your business further.

We all live in a very competitive world where productivity is not just the key to success but, in many cases, a condition to survive in this result-driven time.

Without proper surveillance application, it is challenging to find whether the employees are doing their work effectively because you can not know how much time they spend working and how much work they actually get done.

Studies show that in some cases, almost half of the work time is not used effectively. Even if this figure is just 30% is still a lot and calls for action to improve it.

Facing such a task can be difficult without a proper technology solution. Thus, many managers or team leaders use employee monitoring tools to help them improve staff productivity.

If you want to monitor almost everything your team is doing while at work, you need to get an application rich in features. A software that can monitor emails, messages, internet usage, app usage, among other things, is an essential tool for every manager or team leader.

Good software should also take screenshots, record computer screens, monitor activity logging, provide reports, block apps, and webpages, and do much more. That way, your life will be more comfortable, and you will be able to quickly improve your business productivity through the software.

Real Time Monitoring This screenshot shows how a manager does real-time monitoring of company computers.
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How Employee Vigilance Software Can Help Improve Productivity

The team is the main driving force behind your organization. For that reason, you need to track team members and support them to improve their productivity levels.

You can even move workers to areas where they are more comfortable so that they can be more productive. Also, watching worker activities on a daily basis can help you guide the team to reach its full potential.

Your company requires all workers to perform their tasks as productive as possible.
Surveilling your workers is one of the ways that can help improve productivity in your business; however, you have to do it correctly, not to make them uncomfortable.

The best way to monitor your team is by installing employee Vigilance Software. The application comes with a dozen benefits. Team productivity improvement is the most crucial benefit that you will get.

It is all about data, facts, and results. Employers need a useful tool to measure how a team or individuals perform.

Performance tracking gives employers a chance to find talented individuals in the company and use their potential. The tool is also useful for workers since they don't need to worry about being paid less or getting fired unfairly. Employees can simply prove how many hours they spent working.

On the other hand, employers can find which team members don't perform well and help them achieve better results.

To following few sentences will help you understand why such surveillance is beneficial.

No Time-Wasting - Employees Focus on Their Tasks

Internet and social media use are the primary computer activities employees are engaged in, most of the time. Surfing the Internet and social media use are essential for business-related purposes. However, when abused by employees, you can lose many working hours and consequently lowering your productivity.

Your company loses many working hours due to team members spending time doing unnecessary things while at work.

You can find that some spend half of their working hours watching videos on company computers while at work. Others are playing games, surfing the Internet, while some are just gossiping.

Real-time monitoring captures live screenshots of all computer screens in the building and lets you block non-work-related applications and websites.

You can also track activities such as logins and logouts, idle/active time on computers, and other things that tell you if workers are wasting time.

You can make your workers focus on their work by getting the software to monitor them. It is good to tell your workers that such a computer monitoring application is installed on company computers.

It would be best to talk with the employees about social media use while at work and how much »private« use you still tolerate because this will ensure all of them focus on their tasks without wasting time. Such small actions will significantly improve team productivity.

Reduce Distractions at Work

Distractions at work can make workers not performing well since they need a quiet and productive environment to do their best.

Some team members distract others by talking loudly, playing games, watching funny videos, while others are always on social media while at work. With so many distractions at work, some of them may not perform to their level best.

However, when you get the application to monitor the employees' activities, distractions will reduce significantly. This way, you will identify those that cause distractions and those distracted by games or any other things.

The application will also allow you to precisely identify distractions and block them – e.g., by blocking individual web pages or applications.

It is a proven fact that when employees know they are being monitored, they behave better while at work.
No employee will want to distract others or spend half a day on social media when he knows that a computer monitoring application is surveilling his company computer.
With no distractions, the team focuses on work and work alone – productivity increases.

Application Blocking This picture shows how a team leader blocks some applications to reduce distractions at work.
If you want to do the same, you can download this application here.

Identify and Recognize Best Performers at Work

Vigilance does not only help you identify wrongdoing employees but also the best performers at work.

With good software, you will know how many hours employees are working, how much time they spend to better their skills, and even their efforts to take your business to a whole new level.

As the manager or owner, you will have a chance to know overworking and most productive team members and identify those who complete tasks on time and working hard to help your organization grow.

It's essential to give your team a clear message that you are looking for disciplined and best-performing employees at work, and the employee Vigilance Software is a tool that helps you to identify them quickly.

When you identify them, you should recognize their achievements during the meeting and reward them with awards or promotions. Such an approach will bring a positive culture, and it will improve morale and motivation at work, enhancing your team's productivity.

motivating employees

Identify Non-Performing Team Members and Support Them

You may not have a team of high performers only. Some members of your group may be slow, and some tasks can be more demanding for them.

By using the employee surveillance application, you can know if an employee is struggling with some tasks or not. Some may try to search for information online, and you can check the websites they visit.

You can quickly identify struggling members of your team and support them. That way, you will improve their productivity.

Visited Websites Reporting In this picture, you can see how the manager investigates which websites the worker has visited.
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To Gather Evidence for Fraud or Any Other Criminal Activity

Employee activity monitoring involves checking what team members do on their computers, apps they use, websites they visit, emails they send or receive, files they copy and share, among other things.

All this information is recorded and stored in an online account or server. If there is fraud or any other criminal activity in the organization, you can just check the information, and you will get evidence of how and who committed the crimes.

To Identify Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Surveilling your staff computers can help you see the mistakes of employees while working.
Real-time monitoring enables you to identify mistakes instantly, so you can contact workers immediately and request to correct the errors so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

In addition to that, you can use an employee monitoring system to gather evidence. If an employee has been untrustworthy, you can use the system to collect the evidence to show him or her why you need to take action.

To Protect Your Business Data and Prevent Corporate Sabotage

In today's technological world, data is a vital part of any organization. With a sophisticated computer monitoring application, you can know the websites and apps employees visit and use.

You can block malicious sites and apps that can be a threat to your business data. In addition to that, you can quickly identify which employees are providing your business secrets to your competitors.

Some of your team members may be giving out your business secrets, such as financial records or plans, to your competitors. They can do so by sending emails, making calls, sending messages, or other means.
Besides that, your employees can visit funny sites or click malicious links that can put your business data at risk.

With a sophisticated monitoring system, you can identify employees who share your business secrets or threaten your data's security. That way, you can take the appropriate action.

Help Identify Team Members Leaking Information to Competitors

An employee leaking financial records, business plans, and other secrets of your organization to competitors is not worth keeping. Leaking of your secrets limits your organization's growth and can even bring more complex financial challenges.

With computer monitoring, you will monitor all employees' activities on company computers. This way, you will quickly identify those with no good intentions. With an employee monitoring application, you will locate traitors and then take the necessary action against them.

Enable Flexible Working Environment

You can allow team members to work from home or any other location because you can monitor them remotely. Real-time remote monitoring can help save commuter hours and expenses. Your workers will perform better, knowing you are supervising them.

Real-time remote monitoring can be handy when work from home is required because of some external cause like extreme weather conditions, COVID-19 epidemy...

Uncover Weaknesses in Your Organization

If you want to uncover weaknesses among team members or business processes, you should track their activities.

With activity tracking tools, you can quickly identify struggling employees who can make costly mistakes. Also, you can identify weaknesses in processes that cause time wastage and extensive resource utilization.
Identifying and tracking all these flaws through simple application can help you improve your business.

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Remote Real-Time Vigilance

Monitoring employees can be difficult if they are working outside of the main office building. Such work usually happens when your workers are working at the customer, on the field, or just working from home.

Sometimes your employees will need to work from home due to some unpredicted events like extreme weather or special medical conditions (the COVID-19 epidemy forced many workers to work from home to prevent disease spreading).

To perform remote real-time monitoring, you should use computer Vigilance Software that allows employee monitoring over the Internet.

The Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise can do such real-time surveillance by using a Cloud connection.

Worktime Tracking / Worker Idle and Active Time Reporting

An employee can be physically present in the office but not working. With computer Vigilance Software, you will be able to know details of all logins and logouts, active/idle times, first and last activity, among other things. You will know if an employee is working or is just present in the office.

You need to track your employees' productive work hours and take action to improve your work process. Detailed reports will tell you where and how your workers are spending time during working hours.

Reporting data will help you analyze the time spent on projects, which allows you to optimize your work process.
You will see which workers are most effective and why.

Such work time reporting tool provides reports like:

  • Active / Idle Time Report
  • User Logon / Logoff Report
  • Detailed User Activity Report
  • Work Time Report
  • ...

If a worker's salary depends on effectiveness, this tool will give you a proof of that.

Which Employee Activity You can Monitor?

You may think that employee monitoring is something recent from the IT era, but nothing could be far from the truth. It was invented at the end of the 19th century in the form of timesheets where worker attendance was tracked.

In modern times employee activity is tracked by using advanced Vigilance Software.
The employee activity surveillance application is a tool for increasing productivity by measuring individual, team, and organizational productivity. Users can also track their time spent on tasks and projects.

A sophisticated employee computer Vigilance Software can track almost all employee activity in real-time, like:

  • Live computer screens (screenshot capturing)
  • Running applications and processes
  • Visited web sites
  • Keystrokes typed
  • ...

Additionally, such computer surveillance software provides historical data that you can use for behavior analysis.

Modern applications can do much more than just tracking the worker's activity. Administrators can also use computer Vigilance Software for maintaining and supervising computers connected to a company network.

Applications like Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise provide many features that can simplify your employee monitoring and computer management.

Is Employee Monitoring Something I should do?

Should employers monitor employees? This is one of the big questions asked around, and a simple answer is yes. You need to monitor employee activities while at work and even when working from home.

The only problem is how you do it. You don't have to move around offices all the time; you just want to have a smart employee activity Vigilance Software. The application will do all the work, and you will receive all the information on a private server or online account.

The globalization and competitive world is forcing us to act quickly to stay ahead of the competition. For this reason, many managers are seeking tools that will help them with this mission.

The employee computer monitoring applications are just some of those tools that can help you. And yes, your competitors are probably already performing employee computer monitoring in their companies to improve productivity and try to step ahead of you.

Now is your time to decide if computer monitoring is right for you. To answer this question, you need to ask yourself what surveillance software can do for your team.
If you want to monitor almost 100% of employee activity, then employee computer Vigilance Software provides just what you want.

Maybe you want to prevent harmful activities like installing dangerous applications or surfing forbidden websites. In such a case, the application can limit employee activity.

If you want to investigate productivity issues or performance bottlenecks, the employee computer Vigilance Software provides data that you can use for such analysis.

As you can see, computer-supported employee surveillance is a useful method that can help you supervise your office activity.


Introducing Employee Vigilance Software to Your Team

As a manager, employer, or team leader, you probably see no obstacles to run employee Vigilance Software in your office since it is your decision to installing it or not. Anyway, it is an excellent practice to get your team informed and involved before starting with computer monitoring and performance tracking.

Researches show that when activity and performance tracking directly links to rewards, such tracking brings many positive effects regarding staff performance.
Talk with your team about the benefits that computer surveillance brings to them.

What Are the Benefits for the Team?

As the owner, boss, or team leader, you already have a clear idea of how the activity tracking and screen capturing software gives you insight into your staff performance and activity. Still, many team members may not see any benefits at all - they will probably see only drawbacks that employee computer monitoring brings to their life. For this reason, you must show them the benefits.

Here are just some of the benefits you may want to point out:

  • Possibility to work from home is those days an attractive option for many staff members
  • Additional rewards for hard-working team members, thanks to better and more accurate reporting
  • More proofs that can be groud for promoting team individuals
  • Better collaboration with other workers
  • ...

As you can see, employee Vigilance Software can bring benefits for all when using a positive approach.

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How to Do Employee Monitoring the Smart Way
Here are 5 Tips for You!

Employee monitoring is a good thing, but you must do it the right way. Learn how to do employee monitoring the smart way here.

Employee monitoring helps you improve productivity and easily identify employees sharing your business information such as plans, financial records, or any other thing with your competitors.

However, you need to do employee monitoring in the right way for you to enjoy all the benefits. You can't just walk from one office to another or have spies in every department to spy on them.

To help you monitor your employees the smart way, we are giving you those five tips.

Surveillence Tips

1. Tip: Get an Advanced Employee Vigilance Software

In today's digital world, you want to adopt new ways of doing things. You can now get an employee Vigilance Software to monitor almost everything employees do while at work.

Best surveillance tools have features that can send you a screenshot of all employees' computer monitors. Besides, you can monitor the webpages employee visit. You can also monitor emails and live chats, among other activities.

As you can see, using advanced Vigilance Software is a smart way of keeping an eye on your employees while at work.

2. Tip: Be Professional

Although the purpose of employee surveillance is to monitor employees while at work, you will find that some employers do monitor their employees even when they are off duty.
When doing so, team leaders may see the personal information or issues of employees without their will.

If you track your workers even when off work, they can feel uncomfortable and even quit the job. For that reason, you should be professional and focus on only work-related issues such as email monitoring, computer monitoring, and more while at work.

Don't make the employees uncomfortable - the main aim of surveillance is to make your staff more productive.

3. Tip: Be Transparent From the Start

If you want employee monitoring to benefit you and the employees themselves, you need to be transparent from the start.
If you want to install an employee monitoring application, you need to tell your staff about it and explain its aim.

Ensure that all employees know about the monitoring, and they will work even harder to ensure they deliver. No employee will want to be on the wrong side, and that will definitely improve employee efficiency. If the application doesn't invade their privacy or personal life, they will be comfortable with it.

Full transparency ensures that all team members understand the purpose of why you use the application and what you want to achieve.
However, if you want to investigate some employees, you can keep it a secret until you gather enough evidence.

Many employers put the system in place without informing the employees - mostly when they are investigating something. If you want to improve productivity, tell them once you have the system in place.

4. Tip: Encourage Healthy Competition

Some employees don't work to their level best because of their bad habits, such as intensive social media use, online games, gambling, and other illegal activities.
When you block some of the applications and limit internet access, these employees can be more productive.

When you identify the best employees through employee monitoring and recognize and award them, other team members will work hard to ensure they will be recognized and awarded next time.
Such rewards bring healthy competition and positive culture that help them develop and become more productive.

5. Tip: Understand Your Needs

Businesses have different employee monitoring needs. A business owner or manager may want to monitor staff to reduce time wastage. Another may want to limit the websites employees visit, while another manager wants to investigate fraud at the company.

Therefore, know your needs, and get an application ideal for your company conditions. In short, let your needs determine the Vigilance Software or system you are going to use.

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6 Steps on How to Choose the Best Employee Vigilance Software

If you want to monitor your employees effectively, you need to choose the best software for the job. Remember, you want an application that can bring benefits to your organization. Therefore, you must take your time when searching.

Buying a computer Vigilance Software is not an easy task. There are many applications on the market, and it may not be so obvious to pick the most appropriate one for your organization.

You are aware that the chosen application will help you monitor your employees remotely, so you want something reliable that won't put your business data at risk. Also, you need to take care that the application you choose will be compatible with existing systems to avoid additional costs of installing and running your monitoring system.

Different companies have different requirements. Although an incredible number of Vigilance Software solutions available on the market, it may still be challenging to choose the right one for your organization.

You are reading these tips because you want your business to grow. For this reason, you need to choose the application that can support your growth in the future.

Even if you currently use, e.g., only Windows computers, make sure that the chosen employee Vigilance Software also runs on other operating systems like macOS, Linux..., since your growth may lead you to use those systems too. If you want to monitor your employees using a smartphone, check that a proper mobile app for your mobile device (iOS, Android) is available.

It's essential to monitor your employees when at work or even on official duties on the field. Remote real-time monitoring helps you know if workers are working as expected and can help improve your organization's productivity.

You can't have your eyes in every department, on every employee, at the same time. But with the best Vigilance Software, you can easily monitor your employees without leaving your desk or even when you are out of the office. To help you choose a suitable employee Vigilance Software, here are useful steps for you.

buy employee Vigilance Software

Step 1: Identify Which Features Will Satisfy Your Needs

You need to identify your needs - why do you need this system? It would help if you also asked yourself several other questions like:

  • How many computers do you want to monitor?
  • Are computers in one building?
  • Do I need real-time monitoring or just reporting?
  • Do I need to block certain activities like application use and web browsing?
  • Do I need to monitor activity when employees are working from home?
  • ...

All these answers will help you know which features you need and how much you will spend on the application.

You need to go for software that will address all your monitoring needs. That means the software must be rich in features, ensuring you can monitor almost everything done by employees.

If you want to monitor webpages employees visit, you need to go for software with a webpage monitoring feature.

Software with application monitoring, email monitoring, live chat monitoring, keystroke logging, screenshot capturing, removable device monitoring, and reporting features are ideal applications. Such an application will address all your employee monitoring concerns.

Step 2: Research Available Applications and Providers

By having an idea of what you want, you can now go to the market. Before you settle on any software, you need to do some research.

You want to check some of the top-rated applications, get to know how they work, how many computers they can monitor, and which features they have.

Also, don't forget to read their reviews. It is always advisable to consider software with genuine positive reviews. Application with negative reviews from past customers is not suitable for you. When you do all that, you will identify two or three applications that you can consider. You may even ask a provider to give you some existing customer references in your local area.

After narrowing down the list of candidates, you need to find out how each application works, what organizations that are using the software are saying.

Researching will help you choose the most appropriate software for your organization. If possible, try the trial versions, and you will know if a software is right for you or not. As you may want more information or help with the software, don't forget to find out if the provider is responsive, helpful, and honest.

Some employee monitoring applications are suitable, but their providers are becoming unresponsive just after buying the software. For this reason, you want to choose a provider with a good reputation.

Here are screenshots of a mobile phone that the manager uses to monitor his team's computers.
If you want to do the same, then you can get this application here.

Step 3: Talk With the Providers to Understand the Terms

After identifying two or three applications you can buy, it's advisable to talk with the providers. Ask the providers to explain the fine details of the software, including costs.

From these discussions, you will differentiate a reliable provider from those who are just after the money. Remember to ask about the terms of payment or whether you need to renew the license after some time.

If you want to have reliable software for employee monitoring, you need to get ready to pay a small fee. Some free or cheap versions are not that good because they don't have advanced monitoring features.

Many applications out there can not even handle the surveilling of large teams. However, you can find affordable software to monitor all your employees. Make a price comparison, consider the features and ease of use, and choose the application worth the money.

The Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise is a sophisticated employee monitoring application for an affordable price. You can check the price here.

Step 4: Think About Data Security

Data security is one of the most important concepts you need to take care of while running a business. If your employees do whatever they want on the computers while at work, they can put your business data at risk.

You can find that some of them have installed malicious apps on their computers or are visiting risky sites that can compromise your data security. By monitoring what they do on the computers, you can know which employees are putting your data at risk. You can even block applications and websites and also control running applications and processes.
That way, your data will be secure, although you need to use a secure data storage system for guaranteed data security.

Ensure that the application you choose allows protecting your data and, at the same time, does not put your company data or employee data at risk.

In today's digital world, data security is critical in your business, and you want an application that guarantees privacy and security of the data. If you go for unproven software, your company data may get stolen, which can be a massive risk to your business.

Step 5: Try the Trial Version

Most genuine providers of computer Vigilance Software have a trial version. You just need to try this free trial version and know if it will help you or not. It's also important to understand that most trial versions come with limited features and may not effectively show a clear picture of the real software.

Check that the trial period is long enough that you can thoroughly test the application. Avoid providers that want payment for a trial version. Learn with the software, and if it addresses your monitoring needs, you can buy it.

If you want to try one of the best employee monitoring applications on the market, you can freely download it here.

Step 6: Buy the Software and Install It on Your System

After using the trial version and confirming the software is right for your organization, you can close the deal. You should pay with the safest payment method and install the software on your computers.

Usually, you will need to install some monitoring agents on employee computers and admin applications on your computer and the computers of your team leaders, which are allowed to monitor employees.

Proper software solution monitors employee desktop activities in both transparent and secret mode.
You can set triggers to block access to banned websites, files, and applications so employees can focus on their tasks without distraction.

A good monitoring application not only focuses on tracking the computer activities of your employees to optimize productivity but also eliminates malicious threats to your company's security.
Overall, entrepreneurs and managers can use Vigilance Software to understand better how their employees spend time at work and how they work.

Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise is employee Vigilance Software that provides you with real-time information about what your employees are doing during their working hours. You can also track all team members' computer activities and take periodic screenshots to show what each employee is doing on the computer. It allows you to monitor employees remotely as well as employees in the office.


As you can see, the employee Vigilance Software is an essential tool that helps managers and team leaders make better decisions.

Remember that you must have good software for employee monitoring for the best results. Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise is one of the best options and will not only help you keep an eye on your employees but also improve employee efficiency and productivity.

The software comes with a lot of features, is affordable and easy to use. At the same time, it will also allow you to protect your organization from fraudulent activities.

Ready to start monitoring your employees?

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