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Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise


We sell this software worldwide using our secure online store where you can select various payment methods like a credit card, PayPal, wire transfer...

The secure online store is available here:

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Yes, we accept Purchase Orders.

Please send us a message where you mention the number of licenses you want to purchase, and we will send you detailed information on how to send a PO.


The problem is usually caused by firewall or antivirus software.
Windows automatically installs and enables firewall.
Make sure that port TCP 4495 is open on employee PCs firewall.
You can try to temporary disable a firewall on employee PC to see if this solves the connectivity problem.

Note that you may have more firewalls installed. Some antivirus software automatically install the firewall. In this case you have to open port on all firewalls.

If you are still facing problems try to use IP instead of hostname when adding employee PC to the console.

The "Not authenticated" status (a lock sign) indicates that the password entered during agent installation is not the same as the password used when adding the employee PC in the console.

We suggest that you choose Properties in the console (for specific employee PC - click right mouse button) and enter the password again.

You can also check the agent's passwords by opening agent configuration utility using your password.

If you forgot your agent's password, please uninstall the agent using our installation package and install it again.

Sometimes problem appears because of the console's configuration file corruption. In such case you will have to delete the following folder (and add PCs again):

C:\ProgramData\Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise\users

Please note that folder C:\ProgramData is hidden. You need to type it into Windows Explorer.

Our software does not open any secret doors or anything similar - it just allows you to monitor other PCs and this is enough for antivirus and antispyware software production companies to flag it as dangerous.

The only way to avoid this is to put our software on exclusion list.


For compliance reasons and making the application fully offline, we have stopped offering cloud licences which allowed monitoring via Cloud. However, if you wish to monitor over the internet, you can either join the network of computers using private VPN or access the admin console via RDP on which it is installed..

Desktop recording files are located on employee PC in \dr subfolder where agent is installed.

We offer permanent (one-time payment) perpetual licenses.

The permanent license can be used to monitor employees in your local network (LAN, WLAN, VPN).

You can access the online manual here:

Online Manual

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