Employee Monitoring on LAN, WLAN, VPN

Install the Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Agent on a Local Network

To start monitoring your employee, you need to install the Employee Vigilance Software in your workplace.

The application consists of two modules that must be installed:

  • Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Console (see Install Console)
  • Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Agent
Install Employee Vigilance Software

The "Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Agent" must be installed on all remote computers that you want to monitor. To do this, you must have administrative privileges.


On Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 you need to install update from this web page:


Update has to be installed on all computers where agent is installed and is necessarily to successfully block web pages on various web browsers.

Agent can be manually or remotely installed.

Manual Installation (Preferred)

To manually install an agent please go to remote computer and run the installation program.

In the first installation window click on second option Install "Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Agent".

On the end of installation you will have to configure an agent. To do so please read the chapter Agent Configuration.

Agent can be installed in stealth mode (select "Stealth Agent Install" checkbox).

In such way no program group is created, application does not appear in Add/Remove programs and no icon is displayed.

Agent Configuration

Configure and start monitoring employee

During installation, you need to type the password that protects the configuration and access to the agent. Here, simply select one password and remember it. Note that the default port on which the agent operates is 4495. You can change this port during installation or, later on (Advanced Configuration tab). If you use a firewall, you must open the used port.

You can choose to make this computer accessible also via Cloud connection by selecting "Use direct or cloud connection", which allows you to monitor computer over the Internet.

Cloud license is subscription based. Read more about installation to the Cloud.

Remote Agent Installation

Remote agent installation is possible only on NT based operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7,8,10) with administrative privileges. Please note that used port will be automatically open only on Windows Firewall. On all other firewalls you will have to open this port by your self. Remote installation can be done on LAN, WLAN or VPN. The remote installation over the Internet is not possible unless you use VPN network.

To start remote agent installations click with right mouse button on computer in a list.

Object menu will aper:

Network monitoring menu

Choose Remote Agent Install / Unistall.

After that this login screen will appear:

Remotely install monitoring agent

You have to enter the information about the user account on the remote computer that has administrator privileges.

Remote Agent Deployment over Active Directory Using MSI Package

MSI package for agent that can be used for remote deployment over Active Directory can be downloaded here:


It can be installed like this:

msiexec /i nmemplpro_agent.msi PASSWORD=myAgentPassword /qn

You need to deploy as usual using package nmemplpro_agent.msi and specifying a MSI property


The myAgentPassword is the password you want to use.

You need to install Monitoring Console in the same network as employee computers that you want to monitor.

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