Monitor RDP Session of your Employee

To monitor your employee RDP session, you need to install those two modules:

  • Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Console - can be installed anywhere in your network
  • Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Agent - Must be installed on TS (RDP) Server

Installing the Falcon Vision Plus Enterprise Agent on TS (RDP) Server

Application can monitor individual TS (RDP) sessions. In this case agent has to be installed on a Terminal Services Server using the same procedure as described for local network installation.

When installing the agent you can choose to make all TS (RDP) sessions accessible also via Cloud connection by selecting "Use direct or cloud connection", which allows you to monitor sessions over the Internet. Cloud license is subscription based. Read more about installation to the Cloud.

You need to add only server to the monitoring console because sessions will appear automatically.

When adding server to console select Advanced Options and choose option This computer is a terminal server (TS, RDP):

Monitor RDP Terminal Services Session

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