Keystroke Logger

A Keylogger for your Office Computers

A Keystroke Logger (keylogger app) is used to capture and log all keyboard activity by logging every keystroke entered. Using our keylogger you can track what a user types on a keyboard.

Keystroke logging can be optionally enabled or disabled. If you enable it, then our software will log and record sent emails, chat conversations of instant messaging applications, typed URLs, document file inputs, web forms filed, and much more.

Keylogger logs keystrokes in the background, even when there is no network connection or console is not connected to an employee computer.

Since the agent can be installed in stealth mode, also the keylogger will be totally stealth for your employees so you will not have to worry that users will discover it or get an impression that you are monitoring them.

View Logged Keystrokes

Keystroke logger

Logs can be viewed and exported by the console. Here you can also filter entered keystrokes by specific application, computer or date range. Logged keystrokes are stored in an encrypted format.

Keylogger tracks also keypresses of special keys like ENTER, ALT, CTRL, DEL... Such keypresses can be applied to text that was typed to make key-log more readable.

Keystroke logging provides important and valuable information for management about their employees. Collected data can be used for employee behavioral analytics. Using our advanced keylogger will help you to protect your interest and prevent potential data leakage or data loss.

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